What is DeenDatabase (DeenDB)?

  • A social networking platform intentionally built to deter much of the fitnah that other such platforms possess.
  • A central repository for Islamic events around the world.
  • A place for masajid and other Islamic organizations to have free web representation.
  • A marketing tool taking us away from the currently, very “word of mouth”-centric sharing of Islamic Events.
  • A way to automatically stay in touch with updates to your favorite masajid/organizations.
  • A self-sustaining, poll-based system to track relevant data, ensuring you're not bombarded with outdated data when seeking Islamic information.
  • And so much more!

DeenDB is still in Beta! Please check back often for more updates!


  • 9/5/2016: Added About DeenDB section. Resolved potential bug with masjid name saving upon edit.